- At the reception and in other common areas it is mandatory to respect an interpersonal distance of at least 1 m
- Avoid shaking hands or hugs or having contact with guests or colleagues.
- A gel with a concentration of 60-85% alcohol is made available for hand hygiene
- workers must have masks and gloves
- It is required to measure access to the structure to avoid overcrowing
in the case: - could be ask guests before arriving at the hotel all the information to register the document in advance at the hotel it will only be verified that the information given is true by checking of the document on arrival
- Potrebbe esserci la possibilità to warn the public safety authority in case of people arriving from countries / regions covered by contagion risk containments.
- If possible, avoid cash payments and encourage the use of credit card or contactless payments
- The room keys must be provided in sealed sachets after being sanitized at each guest change and also the keys must not be left by the customer in the hotel but kept throughout the stay.
- It is forbidden to move customers' luggage.
- If indispensable, we will use gloves
- The customer could option to request that the cleaning staff not enter the room during the stay.
- An alcoholic gel for hand cleansing is made available to guests . Gloves and masks is available for a fee.
- At the end of the shift, the employee is expected to clean and sanitize the workplace using a 70% alcohol-based solution.


- Before entering guest rooms, workers must properly wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.
- Ventilate the room by opening the windows before starting the cleaning operations.
- The cleaning methods in the case of a fixed room (the guest stays) will take place according to the standard cleaning procedures
- The methods of cleaning in case of check out room (customer leaving) the room will be disinfected
- The cleaner will change his gloves with every change of room.
- The waste must be thrown in a sack and brought immediately to the appropriate area on the terrace where it will be immediately disposed of as soon as the collection is guaranteed.
- The cleaning of the room must concern all surfaces that have come into contact with guests, bedside tables, desks, chairs, furniture, remote control, handles, push-button panels, wardrobes and drawers.
- The linen must be kept in the special bag separate from the clean linen, it is forbidden to come into contact with clean and dirty linen.
- Dirty laundry should not be repaired for cleaning such as dusting or cleaning floors. Special disposable rags should be used.
- The bedspread will be placed in a special bag and washed in the washing machine with a product suitable for cleaning and disinfection of the same.
- The cleaning material can be: disposable rags or wipes treated with 2% sodium hypochlorite left activated for at least 10 minutes. Please note that the same rag / fabric cannot be used to remove dirt and dry, but always in two distinct stages.
- The floors are cleaned and disinfected with products suitable for various types of materials, in general or with sodium hypochlorite solution diluted to 0.1 / or with 70% ethyl alcohol
- In the common areas and in general throughout the structure, the elements in contact with guests such as buttons, handles, etc ... are cleaned several times during the day


- Tables will be arranged so as to allow guests to be at least 1 meter apart (except families who share the same room)
- The tablecloths must be replaced at each guest change and therefore disposable ones will be used, plastic dish and glas will be used where possible.
- Items used such as bread basket or condiment products or other items must be sanitized every time.
- The breakfast service will be personal and not with a buffet. Disposable products will be used which will subsequently be disposed of
- In case of use of cutlery or glasglasses or ceramic plates these will be washed in the dishwasher or, in the case of manual washing, a washing procedure with disinfection and rinsing will be performed with the maximum level of precaution, drying with disposable paper.